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Merck Serono

Merck Serono
EMD Serono
Stock corporation
Founded 2007
Location Geneva, Switzerland (Headquarters)
Key people Elmar Schnee
Industry Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical
Key Products Rebif®, Gonal-f®, Luveris®, Ovidrel®/Ovitrelle®, Serostim®, Saizen®, Zorbtive™ and Raptiva®, Erbitux®
Revenue USD ~5 billion (projected)

In September 2006, Merck KGaA announced its intent to purchase the majority of Serono shares from Ernesto Bertarelli and the Bertarelli family. The Merck-Serono merger was announced on September 21, 2006. Merck KGaA and Serono operated as distinct entities until at least January 2007. As of January 5th 2007, Merck held the majority shares of Serono. The new company is called Merck Serono International S.A.

It should be noted that Merck KGaA is a completely separate company from the US company Merck & Co.. Therefore, in the US & Canada, Merck Serono is known as EMD Serono, Inc.

It is expected that Merck Serono will have a research and development budget over € 1 billion. Currently, its sales forecasts may rank it seventh among pharma-biotechs, with sales rivaling such companies as Sanofi-Aventis.


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