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Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is a brand name developed by the Mobil oil company and now marketed by ExxonMobil.

It was introduced in 1974[1] as a 5w-20 viscosity Fully Synthetic motor oil advertised for use up to 25,000 miles. Later, the miles-specific recommendation was dropped and the product reformulated in other viscosities under the "Tri-Synthetic" trademark. In 2002 Mobil 1 introduced "SuperSyn" anti-wear technology, followed by Mobil 1 Extended Performance in 2005, which increased the use of this technology further. The brand now includes - along with motor oils - oil filters, Fully Synthetic grease, transmission fluids, and gear lubricants[2].


ExxonMobil (through Mobil 1) is a major, long-term partner of Formula One constructor Team McLaren Mercedes and Indy Racing League and NASCAR team Penske Racing. As well as providing lubricants and fuel to McLaren, Mobil 1 is a major brand in Formula One, for example sponsoring the German Grand Prix from 1987 to 2006 and the French Grand Prix from 1998 to 2005 [3].

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