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Mobile Cube

The Mobile Cube is a cube-shaped system to purify and process dirty water. It was devolped by Robert Niederer.


The cube generates its own electricity using solar cells and a small wind turbine and therefore requires no external power source. solar cells and turbine together provide about 2500 watt, depending on illuminance and wind force.

A pump drives the dirty water through several activated carbon filters in which heavy metals and many toxic chemicals are filtered out. At the end, the water is sterilized by ultraviolet radiation. After this process, it is safe to drink


The Mobile Cube can be used almost anywhere. Because it supplies its own electricity, it’s especially interesting for developing countries. In many regions, the access to water as well and electricity is restricted, if available at all. Laying pipes and power lines in these regions would be far more expensive than bringing in a Mobile Cube which costs as little as 30,000 Euros (depending on the sophistication and scale of the particular model). It does not generate water, it simply purifies it - therefore it is only practical in areas where water is present, but not of a drinkable standard


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