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Molecular BioSystems

Molecular BioSystems
Abbreviated title Mol. BioSyst., MBS
Discipline Chemical biology
Language English
Publication details
Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry ( United Kingdom)
Publication history 2005 to present.
ISSN 1742-2051
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Molecular BioSystems is a peer reviewed scientific journal published monthly by the Royal Society of Chemistry. It publishes original (primary) research and review articles that have a particular focus at the interface between chemistry, the -omic sciences and systems biology.

The editor of Molecular BioSystems is Dr. Sarah Thomas and the current chair of the Editorial Board is Professor Thomas Kodadek of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA.

Molecular BioSystems has been selected by the US National Library of Medicine for inclusion in MEDLINE, thereby increasing its visibility to the biological communities.

Chemical biology papers published in Molecular BioSystems are highlighted in Chemical Biology, the RSC’s point of access to chemical biology news and research from across all RSC journals.

Molecular BioSystems hosts another RSC publication, Chemical Biology.

Molecular BioSystems has an impact factor of 2.45 (2006).[1]


Subject coverage

  • Chemical biology including: small molecule probes of biological structure and activity; chemical genetics; enzymology; directed evolution; protein engineering; display technologies.
  • Systems biology approaches including: simulation and modelling; data manipulation, integration and analysis techniques; high-throughput technologies.
  • Proteomics and genomics approaches including: structural and functional proteomics and genomics; spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques; chip-based technologies; array technologies; imaging techniques.
  • Cellular processes including: signalling pathways and mechanisms of signal transduction; molecular recognition and interactions; transport and secretion; cell-cycling and division; cell death.

Article types

Molecular BioSystems publishes a number of different article types:
Communications: novel scientific work of such importance and interest that rapid publication is required.
Papers: original, high quality primary research that has not been previously published.
Methods: primary research articles reporting useful new methodology.
Tutorial Reviews: reviews of techniques or methodology. They are reference guides or "how to..." articles.
Reviews: critical reviews of a topical and significant area of research.
Highlights: short updates of a developing area of research.
Opinions: a personal, often speculative, viewpoint or hypothesis on a topic of current interest to the scientific community.
Hot off the Press: members of the Editorial Board and their research groups highlight recent literature for the benefit of the community.


Researchers, from industry or academia, drawing on the fundamental disciplines and technologies of chemistry and biology, with the aim of providing insight, at a molecular level, into the world of life sciences.

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