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Mr. Sheen


Mr. Sheen is a brand of cleaning materials (chiefly floor and furniture polish) created in Australia in the 1950s by Samuel Taylor Pty Ltd. It was the first aerosol cleaning product available on the Australian market and helped introduce the use of aerosol products into Australia. The product moved to Reckitt Benckiser in 1969 when Samuel Taylor Pty Ltd was bought out. It is available in many other countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Jamaica. Television advertisements use the character of Mr. Sheen, a smiling, rosy-cheeked, bald man with spectacles in a dark suit. The English version is a cartoon caricature of a WWI biplane pilot (originally voiced by Willie Rushton) who flies around the house on a dusting cloth cleaning tables, banisters and television sets, using the slogan "Mr Sheen shines umpteen things clean".

Mr. Sheen furniture polish is also a degreaser, and is often used for these properties by motorcyclists.

Popular references

Mr. Sheen is mentioned in the Toy Dolls song "Yul Brynner is a Skinhead', in reference to what he uses to keep his head clean:
"We all rinse with Silvikrin
To keep our heads clean
But we know that Yul is
Not a normal human being
'Cuz he uses Mr. Sheen"

It is also mentioned in the Robbie Williams song "Clean":
"But I'm clean yeah
Friends with mr sheen yeah"

MR Sheen is produced in Sinfin Derby UK.

Mr Sheen is also reported to have obtained a DUU at one point.

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