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Mr. Zog's Sex Wax

Mr. Zog's Sex Wax is a Carpinteria, CA brand of surfwax manufactured for use on surfboards. This wax is rubbed on the top surface or "deck" of a surfboard to allow traction and grip for the surfer.

Mr. Zog's SexWax was invented in 1970 by Nate Skinner. Mr. Zog did all of the testing of the new wax.

Mr. Zog's Sex Wax was first produced by Fredrick Herzog III (Mr Zog) and chemist Nate Skinner in 1972. Hank Pitcher designed their original logo.

Due to the product name, promotional materials such as bumper stickers and t-shirts became extremely popular, even among those who had never ridden a surfboard. Their slogans, such as "The best for your stick", included innuendos of non-surfing uses. [1] The materials confirmed their counterculture status by being banned from schools and amusement parks. [2] Although it is not manufactured or marketed as a food product, Sex Wax is popularly used as chewing gum in some areas of the U.S. [3]

Different wax formulations are sold under the names: "Quick Humps", "Really Tacky", and "Navel Wax".

Also Mr. Zog's Sex Wax has a formulation for drummers to put on their drumsticks for better Grip. Also used as Stick Wax for better puck control on hockey sticks

Sex Wax in the UK

Surfers in Wales, United Kingdom, make Sex Wax Faces moulded from the scrapings off of their boards and hide them around beach car parks to freak out tourists. These small grey-white balls of wax have simple markings to denote facial features that look voodoo-like. One local newspaper, the Western Telegraph included a story which maintained that ritualistic practices were taking place at Newgale beach in Pembrokeshire.[citation needed]

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