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Myron L. Bender

Myron L. Bender (1924–1988) was born in St. Louis. He was a professor of Chemistry at Illinois Institute of Technology and then at Northwestern University. He worked primarily in the study of reaction mechanisms and the biochemistry of enzyme action.

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He published at least 32 peer-reviewed papers while at Northwestern. The 5 most highly cited are:

  • Dsouza, Vt; Bender, Ml. 1987. Miniature Organic-Models Of Enzymes. Accounts Of Chemical Research 20 (4): 146-152. Time cited:216
  • Komiyama, M; Bender, Ml. 1978. Thermodynamic Studies Of Cyclodextrin-Accelerated Cleavage Of Phenyl Esters. Journal of the American Chemical Society 100 (14): 4576-4579. Time cited:93
  • Komiyama, M; Bender, Ml. 1978. Importance Of Apolar Binding In Complex-Formation Of Cyclodextrins With Adamantanecarboxylate. Journal of the American Chemical Society 100 (7): 2259-2260. Times cited: 80
  • Kitaura, Y; Bender, Ml. 1975. Ester Hydrolyses Catalyzed By Modified Cyclodextrins. Bioorganic Chemistry 4 (3): 237-249. Times cited: 63
  • Iwakura, Y; Uno, K; Toda, F; Onozuka, S; Hattori, K; Bender, Ml. 1975. Stereochemically Correct Catalytic Site On Cyclodextrin Resulting In A Better Enzyme Model. Journal of the American Chemical Society 97 (15): 4432-4434. Times cited: 53

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