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Nathaniel S. Keith

Nathaniel Shepard Keith
BornJune 14 1838(1838-06-14)[1]
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
DiedJanuary 1925
Mining engineer
Electrical engineer
SpouseAnna Tait Swan (d. 1909)[2]

Nathaniel Shepard Keith (born July 14 1838[1] in Boston, Massachusetts, died January 1925) was an American manufacturer, chemist, inventor, writer, and electrical engineer.

Keith founded the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) in early 1884 and served as the first secretary of the organization.

Keith was instrumental in the manufacturing and installation of the electric light and power apparatus in San Francisco, California.[Needs rewording]

The AIEE merged with other societies in 1963 to become the IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


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