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Nd-doped YCOB (Nd:YCa4O(BO3)3) is a nonlinear optical crystal, which is commonly used as an active laser medium. It can be grown from a melt by the Czochralski technique. It belongs to the monoclinic system with space group Cs2-Cm. Each neodymium ion replaces a yttrium ion in the YCOB crystal structure.

Parameters in the Sellmeier equation

See also: Sellmeier equation
nx ny nz
A 2.78232 2.88739 2.92685
B 0.01120 0.01223 0.01474
C 0.08990 0.08855 0.07466
D 7.2561×10-5 6.1142×10-5 5.2148×10-5

Further reading

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