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'Neurotechnology' is the set of tools that analyze and influence the human nervous system, especially the brain. These technologies include neural modeling simulations, biological computers, human-brain interfaces, any of various neuron and brain mapping technologies, and psychopharmaceuticals.


The definitions used worldwide by leading researchers, governments, and journals include:

  • "The Neurotechnology Industry includes companies developing drugs, devices, and diagnostics for the brain and nervous system" - NeuroInsights
  • "Neurotechnology is any technology that makes it possible to manipulate the brain." -The Economist, May 23rd, 2002
  • "On the leading edge of neurotechnology is psychopharmacology." -Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, 2000
  • "Hardware, software, and wetware that would be used to study the brain or behavior in basic or clinical research." -DHHS, 2001
  • "Neurotechnology is how information technology and biotechnology affect the brain. -Susan Greenfield, UK, 2002
  • "Neurotechnology is the application of electronics and engineering to the human nervous system." -Neurotech Business Report

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