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Nigroids is the brand name of a liquorice sweet made by Ernest Jackson & Company Ltd of Crediton in Devon. The small black pellets are particularly marketed as an expectorant lozenge for singers, using the slogan "for clarity of voice".

The principal ingredient of Nigroids is liquorice block juice. The company advises that not more than 10 pellets should be consumed in a day, due to the laxative effects of liquorice. No sugar is used. Small quantities of other flavourings such as menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint are added, to help the pellets act as a breath mint.

Directly comparable products include "Tabu", manufactured in Italy by Menozzi & De Rosa of Milan.


Nigroids were invented by Ferris & Co. Ltd., manufacturing chemists of Bristol. The company promoted them with the slogan:

For Hoarseness, "Tickling of the Throat," etc. They afford protection to the Voice, Throat, and Chest, against ill-effects of fog, cold and damp. Invaluable to singers and speakers.[1]

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