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A nutritional vitamin drink supplied by Novartis Labs, Nutrament was originally distributed by Mead Johnson & Company, beginning in 1960. Current flavors on the market are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coconut, banana, cappucino, and eggnog. The product is supplied as individual servings in pull-top cans. According to Novartis' website, Nutrament currently is available only in certain retail stores in New York and Florida although certain internet stores also have it available.

In official records, it is described as "Nutritionally Complete Food Consisting Principally of Milk Solids, Maltose-Dextrins, Soy Flour, Sucrose." Late in the 1960s, a powdered form was offered for mixing with milk, but that brand registration was not renewed in 1988 and officially expired in 1992, still owned by Mead Johnson.

The current formulation is made of skim milk, the sweeteners sugar and corn syrup, various vegetable oils, flavorings, and vitamins and minerals. Because of its high milk content, lactose intolerant people would need to take a enzyme supplement to digest the drink properly. For other persons, the product is considered easy to digest and is a good protein source. It has been used as a meal substitute in dieting, because of its calorie portion control.

Mead Johnson also marketed a "dietary supplement" under the same brand in 1985, and registered the brand "Nutrament The Energy and Fitness Drink" in 1996. Nutrament was purchased from Mead Johnson & Company effective February 13, 2004.


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