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Nutrilite is a brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements created in 1934 by Dr. Carl F. Rehnborg. Nutrilite products are currently manufactured by Access Business Group, a subsidiary of Alticor whose products are sold via the Amway and Quixtar Corporations worldwide. The Nutrilite brand is known as Nutriway in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand.

The founders of Amway began selling Nutrilite products in 1949. Amway bought a controlling interest in the company in 1972, and took over complete ownership in 1994.

Nutrilite's vitamin and mineral products are distributed exclusively by Quixtar affiliates known as Independent Business Owners (IBO) in North America and Amway IBOs in more than 90 other countries and territories. Amway, Quixtar, and Access Business Group, are subsidiaries of Alticor. Nutrilite claims to be the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms, although Nutrilite states that their products may sometimes have ingredients from plants grown not at their own farms.[1] Nutrilite farming techniques include soil solarization, an integrated pest management system and utilize sustainable agricultural production systems. Nutrilite's organic farms are located in California, Washington State, Mexico, and Brazil.[2]. Many Nutrilite products sold in other countries are also manufactured locally, for example in India.[3]In 2001, five Nutrilite products were the first dietary supplements to be certified by NSF International.[4]


Nutrilite has signed 2006 World Male Athlete of the Year and men's 100m sprint world record holder, Asafa Powell of Jamaica, 110m men's hurdles World Record Holder, Olympic and World Champion Liu Xiang of China, 2006 World Female Athlete of the Year Sanya Richards of the USA, and American Pole Vault Champion Jennifer Stuczynski as spokespersons for the brand.[5][6][7]


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