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Panama Red

Panama Red, Panamanian Red,[1] or P.R.[2] is a cultivar of cannabis sativa, popular among cannabis afficiandos of the 1960s and 1970s, and renowned for its potency.[3][4][5] The typically high THC levels associated with the variety are thought to be dependent on the cultivar, rather than the Panamanian climate.[6][7] In a limited test, an Auburn University researcher reported that "seed of a sample of Panama Red, grown in the very different climates of the Canal Zone, campus and northern New Hampshire, yielded marijuana with similar THC content."[7] Its name comes from its cultivation in the country of Panama, and its claylike red color.[8] Production was common in Panama's sparsely-populated Pearl Islands.[9] It is known for causing a racy, paranoia-inducing, psychedelic high. Cannabis culture died off in Panama with the rise of cocaine trafficking.

"Panama Red" was a song played by Jerry Garcia with Peter Rowan in Old and in the Way in 1973. It was also recorded and played by the New Riders of the Purple Sage on The Adventures of Panama Red, becoming the group's only radio hit. This particular type of cannabis is also mentioned in the song "Amsterdam" by Van Halen. During the seminal Vietnam War film Apocalypse Now, the character "Chef" specifically requests "Panama Red" cannabis from a military quartermaster.


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