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Pancreatic hormone

Pancreatic hormone peptide
Symbol Hormone_3
Pfam PF00159
InterPro IPR001955
SCOP 1ppt
OPM protein 1icy
Available PDB structures:

1k8vA:1-39 1ruuA:1-36 1ru5A:1-36 1qbfA:1-36 1ron :29-64 1qfaA:52-64 1r9nF:29-38 1icyA:10-45 1f8pA:10-45 1fvnA:10-45 1ljvA:30-65 1v1dA:30-60 1bba :30-65 2bf9A:1-35 1ppt :1-36

Pancreatic hormones (PP)[1] are peptides synthesized in pancreatic islets of Langherhans, which acts as a regulator of pancreatic and gastrointestinal functions.

The hormone is produced as a larger propeptide, which is enzymatically cleaved to yield the mature active peptide: this is 36 amino acids in length[2] and has an amidated C terminus[3]. The hormone has a globular structure, residues 2-8 forming a left-handed poly-proline-II-like helix, residues 9-13 a beta turn, and 14-32 an alpha-helix,held close to the first helix by hydrophobic interactions[2]. Unlike glucagon, another peptide hormone, the structure of pancreatic peptide is preserved in aqueous solution[4]. Both N and C termini are required for activity: receptor binding and activation functions may reside in the N and C termini respectively[2].


  • Pancreatic hormone subtype IPR015480
  • Peptide YY IPR015481

Human proteins containing this domain



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