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Paul Heinrich von Groth

Paul Heinrich von Groth (June 23, 1843 – 1927) was a German mineralogist. His most important contribution to science was his explanation of the connection between chemical compound and crystals structure.

He was born at Magdeburg, and educated at Freiberg, Dresden and Berlin, and received the doctorate degree in 1868. After holding from 1872 the chair of mineralogy at Strasbourg, he was in 1883 appointed professor of mineralogy and curator of minerals in the state museum at Munich.

He carried on extensive researches on crystals and minerals, and also on rocks; and published Tabellarische Übersicht der einfachen Mineralien (1874-1898) and Physikalische Krystallographie (1876-1895, ed. 4, 1905). He edited for some years the Zeitschrift für Krystallographie und Mineralogie.


as author

  • Elemente der physikalischen und chemischen Krystallographie (R. Oldenbourg, 1921)
  • Physikalische Krystallographie und Einleitung in die krystallographische Kenntniss der wichtigsten Subtanzen (W. Engelmann, 1905)
  • Ueber die Molekularbeschaffenheit der Krystalle. Festrede gehalten in der offentkichen Sitzung der k.b. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Munchen zur Feier des einhundert und neunundzwanzigsten Stiftungstages am 28 marz 1888 (Munchen, 1888)


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