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Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia or PSA is a professional organisation of Australian pharmacists. PSA is the body that represents about 70% of the pharmacy profession in Australia, though it is often overshadowed by the more widely known Pharmacy Guild of Australia. PSA is one of two providers of continuing professional development programmes for pharmacists in Australia—the other being the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice and Management (ACPPM)—and organises various pharmacy events including the Pharmacy Australia Congress (PAC). PSA publishes the Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary, the Australian Pharmacist journal, and various other pharmacy publications.

Members of PSA are entitled to use the postnominal MPS, while Fellows of the Society are entitled to use FPS.

Structure and history

PSA was formed in 1977 and is a federation of the six state pharmaceutical societies, several of which were in existence before Federation. The Western Australian branch is the only one which retains a regulatory role, similar to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, whereas the other branches are incorporated societies.

PSA is currently moving towards a unified national structure, formerly known as the Towards One Pharmaceutical Society (TOPS) initiative. During 2005, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Transitional Authority (PSATA) was formed as a national decision-making body with the power to make binding decisions on branches.

The six state societies are:

  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia New South Wales branch
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Queensland branch
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia South Australian branch
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Tasmanian branch
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Victorian branch
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia

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