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Pharmaceutical form

Pharmaceutical form is the way drugs are delivered to the patient.

Types of pharmaceutical forms (abbreviation, Latin origin)

  1. ampule (amp; lat. ampula)
  2. capsule (cap., caps.; lat. capsula)
  3. cream (cr., crm.)
  4. elixir (elix.)
  5. emulsion (emuls.; lat. emulsum)
  6. fluid (fl., fld.; lat. fluidum)
  7. grain (gr.)
  8. drop(s) (gtt(s).; lat. gutta(e))
  9. injection (inj.; lat. injectio)
  10. solution (liq.; lat. liquor)
  11. solution (sol.; lat. solutio)
  12. lotion (lot.; lat. lotio)
  13. a spray (nebul.; lat. nebula)
  14. powder (pulv.; lat. pulvis)
  15. suspension (susp.; lat. suspensio)
  16. syrup (syr.; lat. syrupus)
  17. tablet (tab.; lat. tabella)
  18. tincture (tr., tinc., tinct.; lat. tinctura)
  19. ointment (ung.; lat. unguentum)
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