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      Phenylenediamine can refer to the 1,2-, 1,3-, and 1,4- isomers of diaminobenzene.

o-phenylenediamine (1,2-diaminobenzene), is an intermediate used in the production of fungicides, corrosion inhibitors, various pigments and in the production of some pharmaceuticals. OPD is also used to remove sulfur from ores, and to remove coloration by aldehydes in polymeric products.

m-phenylenediamine (1,3-diaminobenzene) is used (with isophthaloyl chloride) to produce Nomex.

p-phenylenediamine (1,4-diaminobenzene) diamine used in the production of plastic composites and polymers, rubber products, and many types of dyes and pigments, including hair dye. It is one of the two components used in the production of Kevlar®, among other things.

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