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Taraneh Javanbakht

Taraneh Javanbakht is an Iranian physicist, biochemist, composer, painter, poet, writer and translator.

She was born in Tehran (Iran) on May 12, 1974. She received her B.S. degree in chemistry at Shahid Beheshti University in June 1996 and came to Paris in 1997 to complete her studies. She earned a M.Sc in 1998 and Ph.D. in chemistry at Pierre and Marie Curie University in 2002.

She did her researches in biotechnology (the antisense strategy of the oligonucleotides) at Pierre and Marie Curie University and in optics (the thermal stabilization of the multilayer mirrors against the synchrotron radiation) in LURE at the University of Orsay.

She has also literary activities. Her works have been published in various literary journals and magazines in Iran. She has published nine books of poetry and two books of stories in Iran. She writes poems in seven languages: English, French, Persian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic and German.

She published her poems in seven languages in Tehran in 2005. She translated her poems from English, French, German, Arabic, Russian and Turkish into Persian.

Taraneh Javanbakht believes that poets can develop their talents by writing poems in different languages.


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