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Philip Power

  Philip P. Power FRS, is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of California, Davis.


Philip Power obtained a B.A. from University of Dublin in 1974 and a Ph.D. from University of Sussex in 1977 (under M.F. Lappert). He gained a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University (1978-1980) (under R.H. Holm). In 1981 he was appointed to the faculty of UC Davis. As of 2007 he remains at UC Davis.


Alexander von Humboldt Award, 1992
Faculty Research Lecturer, University of Iowa, 1993
Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 1993
Reilly Lectureship, University of Notre Dame, 1995
Werner Lectureship, Trinity College Dublin, 1996
Membership of Editorial Advisory Board of 14 journals including Organometallics, Inorganic Chemistry, Dalton Transactions, Canadian Journal of Chemistry, Heteroatom Chemistry, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Polyhedron, Chemistry
Mond Medal Royal Society of Chemistry, 2004
Associate Editor Inorganic Chemistry, 2004
Sloan Foundation Fellow, 1985-1989
F. A. Cotton Award in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry, American Chemical Society, 2005
Elected Fellow of the Royal Society, 2005

Research Interests

The synthesis, structure, and physical and chemical properties of inorganic and organometallic compounds. Low coordinate main group and transition metal complexes and multiply bonded compounds of the heavier main group and transition metal elements. Stable Free Radicals and stable Bi-radicaloids. The synthesis of clusters of silicon, germanium, and tin. The development of new sterically crowded ligands to stabilize unusual geometry and bonding.

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