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Potassium pyrosulfate

Potassium pyrosulfate (potassium disulfate) is a chemical compound, K2S2O7 with CAS number of 7790-62-7. It contains the pyrosulfate anion S2O72− which has a dichromate like structure and can be visualised as two corner sharing SO4 tetrahedra, with a bridging oxygen atom.[1] A semi-structural formula for pyrosulfate ion is O3SOSO32−. In this compound sulfur has an oxidation state of +6.
Potassium pyrosulfate is used in analytical chemistry; samples are fused with potassium pyrosulfate,(or a mixture of potassium pyrosulfate and potassium fluoride, KF) to ensure complete dissolution prior to a quantitative analysis.[2][3] It is also used as a catalyst in conjunction with vanadium(V) oxide, for example.[4]


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