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Promis Electro-Optics

Promis Electro-Optics B.V.
Founded2002 by E.W. de Kler
HeadquartersWijchen, The Netherlands, Netherlands
Key peopleE.W. de Kler, CEO and founder
Productselectro optics and radiation detection systems

Promis Electro-Optics (PEO) is a Dutch trading company and is located in Wijchen. The company has three divisions:

  • PEO Electro Optics
  • PEO Radiation Technology
  • PEO Support

The company delivers parts, products or detection instruments for processes where electro optics or ionising radiation are key parts. The company now has fifteen employees and represents world wide more than 35 suppliers of electro optics and radiation technology products. In the Netherlands PEO is a knowledge base for all questions on electro optics and ionising radiation.

Company information

Promis Electro-Optics B.V. is divided in PEO Electro Optics and PEO Radiation Technology. Important products for the Electro Optics branche are i.a. the Position Sensing Devices (PSD), infrared detectors, ultraviolet (UV) detectors, silicon detectors and absolute color detectors. These products are IOP Photonic Devices and for European branches these are ‘enablers’ for their end products. PEO Radiation Technology represents i.a. GM (Geiger Müller) tubes, radiation monitors, radiation detectors and radiation systems.


  • 1933 Intechmij B.V. founded in The Hague.
  • 1967 Buy-out by Royal Landré & Glinderman N.V.
  • 1976 Start of division Electro Optics and Radiation Technology
  • 1986 Moved to Diemen (Amsterdam)
  • 1991 Name changed to Landré Intechmij B.V.
  • 1994 Moved to Vianen
  • 2000 Buy-out by Geveke and moved to 's-Hertogenbosch
  • 2002 Promis Electro-Optics B.V. (PEO) starts in Wijchen as an independent trading company
  • 2003 Buy-out company activities Frantec B.V. and start PEO Radiation Technology
  • 2005 Moved to Wijchen
  • 2007 Start PEO Radiation Technology BVBA in Hoogstraten in Belgium
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