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Quinizarine Green SS

  Quinizarine Green SS, also called Solvent Green 3, C.I. 61565, Oil Green G, D&C Green #6, is a green dye, an anthraquinone derivate. It has the appearance of a black powder with melting point of 220-221 °C. It is insoluble in water. It is used for adding greenish coloring to materials. It is used in cosmetics and medications. It is used in some colored smoke formulations, in both old and new ones; when inhaled, it clears very slowly from the lung, with half time of 280 days.[1]

Its CAS number is [128-80-3] and its SMILES structure is Cc1ccc(Nc2ccc(Nc5ccc (C)cc5)c(C(c3ccccc34) =O)c2C4=O)cc1.

Its safety and risk phrases are R36/37/38 S26 S36.

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