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Richard Friend

Professor Sir Richard Henry Friend FRS is Cavendish Professor at the University of Cambridge with a world-renowned reputation for his research into the physics and engineering of carbon-based semiconductors.

His work has been applied to development of polymer field effect transistors, light-emitting diodes, photovoltaic diodes, optically pumped lasing and directly printed polymer transistors. He pioneered study of organic polymers and revolutionised the understanding of the electronic properties of molecular semiconductors. He is also one of the Principal Investigators in the new Cambridge-based Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) on nanotechnology and co-founder of Cambridge Display Technology (CDT). Professor Friend has over 600 publications and more than 20 patents.

Professor Friend’s research is key to developing and producing truly flat panel displays, and future screens that can be rolled and transported. As a result of his expertise, he has set up Cambridge Display Technology Ltd to capitalise and bring to market the first products using this latest semiconductor technology.

In March 2003, as the 81st recipient of the IEE's Faraday Medal, Richard Friend joined a distinguished roll of honour that commenced in 1922 with Oliver Heaviside.

Professor Friend was knighted for "Services to Physics" in the Queen's Birthday Honours List, 2003.

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