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Rolaids is a brand of antacid produced by Pfizer. It was invented by American chemist Irvine W. Grote in the late 1920s. The name is derived from their original packaging that came in a foil roll.


Rolaids is best known for the famous tag line, dating from the 1970s:

"How do you spell relief?"

Rolaids were also used for muscle soreness dating back to 1974.

In connection with the famous slogan, Rolaids sponsors the Major League Baseball award for top relief pitchers, called the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year Award. The award has been given yearly since 1976, and is the only official MLB award to be commercially sponsored.

Rolaids often come in many different flavors. One of the most recent additions is cherry.

Rolaids Softchews

Pfizer released a new version of Rolaids on April 6, 2006[1], branded Extra Strength Rolaids Plus Gas Relief Softchews. The product was produced as an alternative for people adverse to the chalky consistency of regular Rolaids. They were widely advertised in multiple media formats.

Medical Information

The Active ingredients are Calcium carbonate (550 mg) and Magnesium hydroxide (110 mg). The inactive ingredients are Dextrose, Flavoring, Magnesium stearate, Polyethylene glycol, Pregelatinized starch, and Sucrose.

Minor side effects may include constipation or stomach cramps. Serious side effects include loss of appetite, vomiting, dizziness or headache. (source:

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