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Roscoe G. Dickinson

Roscoe Dickinson

Roscoe Gilkey Dickinson in 1923
BornMay 3 1894(1894-05-03)
Brewer, Maine, USA
DiedJuly 13 1945
Pasadena, California, USA
Residence USA
Nationality US
Alma materMIT and Caltech
Academic advisor  Arthur Amos Noyes
Notable students  Linus Pauling
Richard M. Noyes
Arnold Orville Beckman
Known forX-ray crystallography

Roscoe Gilkey Dickinson (1894 - 1945) was a U.S. chemist, known primarily for his work on X-ray crystallography. As professor of chemistry at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), he was the doctoral advisor of Nobel laureate Linus Pauling and of Arnold O. Beckmann, inventor of the pH meter.

Dickinson received his undergraduate education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and, in 1920, became the first person to receive a PhD from Caltech (which had recently changed its name from Throop College). For his dissertation he had studied the crystal structures of wulfenite, scheelite, sodium chlorate, and sodium bromate. His graduate advisor was Arthur Amos Noyes.

Scientific Ancestry

  • Rocabonela (1386-1459)
  • Pelope
  • Nicolo da Lonigo (1428-1524) (MD 1453, Padua)
  • Antonio Musa Brassavola (1500-1555) (MD 1520, Ferrara)
  • Gabriele Falloppio (1523-1562) (MD 1548, Ferrara)
  • Girolamo Fabrici (1533-1619) (MD 1559, Padua)
  • Adriaan van den Spieghel (1578-1625) (MD 1603, Padua)
  • Werner Rolfinck (1599-1673) (MD 1625, Padua)
  • Georg Wolfgang Wedel (1645-1721) (MD 1669, Jena)
  • Johann Adolph Wedel (1675-1747) (MD 1697, Jena)
  • Georg Erhardt Hamberger (1697-1755) (MD 1721, Jena)
  • Christoph Andreas Mangold (1719-1767) (MD 1751, Erfurt)
  • Ernst Gottfried Baldinger (1738-1804) (MD 1760, Jena)
  • Johann Christian Wiegleb (1732-1800) (Apothecary 1765, Langensalza)
  • Johann Friedrich August Gottling (1753-1809) (Apothecary 1775, Langensalza)
  • Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Gottlob Kastner (1783-1857) (PhD 1805, Jena)
  • Baron Justus von Liebig (1803-1873) (PhD 1822, Erlangen)
  • Carl Schmidt (1822-1894) (PhD 1844, Giessen)
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald (1855-1932) (PhD 1878, Dorpat)
  • Arthur Amos Noyes (1866-1936) (PhD 1890, Leipzig)
  • Roscoe Gilkey Dickinson (1894-1945) (PhD 1920, Caltech)
  • Linus Carl Pauling (1901-1994) (PhD 1925, Caltech)
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