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Simmons-Smith reaction

The Simmons-Smith reaction is an organic reaction in which a carbenoid reacts with an alkene (or alkyne) to form a cyclopropane.[1][2][3] Thus, cyclohexene, diiodomethane, and a zinc-copper couple (as (iodomethyl)zinc iodide, ICH2ZnI) yield bicyclo[4.1.0]heptane.[4][5]

Alternatively, diethylzinc is used instead of the zinc-copper couple.

The Simmons-Smith reaction is generally subject to steric effects, and thus cyclopropanation usually takes place on the less hindered face.[6][7] However, when hydroxy substituents are present on chiral carbons, the zinc coordinates with the hydroxy substituents, directing cyclopropanation to the same face, which may or may not be sterically favorable [8]:

The Simmons-Smith reagent, namely diiodomethane and diethylzinc, can be react with allylic thioethers to generate sulfur ylides, which can subsequently undergo a 2,3-sigmatropic rearrangement, and will not cyclopropanate an alkene in the same molecule unless excess Simmons-Smith reagent is used[9]:


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