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Smoke point

The smoke point refers to the temperature at which a cooking fat or oil begins to break down. The substance smokes or burns, and gives food an unpleasant taste. Beyond the smoke point is the flash point, the point at which combustion occurs.

Here are some smoke points:

Fat Quality Smoke Point
Almond oil420°F216°C
Avocado oil520°F271°C
Canola oilExpeller Press464°F240°C
Canola oilHigh Oleic475°F246°C
Canola oilRefined468°F242°C
Coconut oilUnrefined350°F177°C
Coconut oilRefined450°F232°C
Corn oilUnrefined320°F160°C
Corn oilRefined450°F232°C
Cottonseed oil420°F216°C
Flax seed oilUnrefined225°F107°C
Ghee (Indian Clarified Butter)485°F252°C
Grapeseed oil420°F216°C
Hazelnut oil430°F221°C
Hemp oil330°F165°C
Macadamia oil390°F199°C
Olive oilExtra virgin375°F191°C
Olive oilVirgin420°F216°C
Olive oilPomace460°F238°C
Olive oilExtra light468°F242°C
Olive oil, high quality (low acidity)Extra virgin405°F207°C
Peanut oilUnrefined320°F160°C
Peanut oilRefined450°F232°C
Rice bran oil490°F254°C
Safflower oilUnrefined225°F107°C
Safflower oilSemirefined320°F160°C
Safflower oilRefined450°F232°C
Sesame oilUnrefined350°F177°C
Sesame oilSemirefined450°F232°C
Soybean oilUnrefined320°F160°C
Soybean oilSemirefined350°F177°C
Soybean oilRefined450°F232°C
Sunflower oilUnrefined225°F107°C
Sunflower oilSemirefined450°F232°C
Sunflower oil, high oleicUnrefined320°F160°C
Sunflower oilRefined450°F232°C
Tea seed oil485°F252°C
Vegetable shortening360°F182°C
Walnut oilUnrefined320°F160°C
Walnut oilSemirefined400°F204°C


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