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Solar-powered pump

A solar powered pump is a pump running on the power of the sun. A solar powered pump can be more environmental friendly and economical in its operation compared to pumps powered by an ICE or internal combustion engine .


Unlike a normal pump (such as positive displacement pumps, ...), the solar powered pump is actually a more of a dictionary phrase than a technical one. It is only used to describe that there's a pump, being powered by another device (such as solar panels), being powered by the sun.

A solar powered pump thus consist of 2 parts :

  • the actual pump
  • the energy source being powered by the sun

Solar pump installations

Solar PV water pumping systems are used for irrigation and drinking water in India. The majority of the pumps are fitted with a 200 watt - 3,000 watt motor are powered with 1,800 Wp PV array which can deliver about 140,000 liters of water/day from a total head of 10 meters. By 30th September, 2006, a total of 7,068 solar PV water pumping systems have been installed. [1]

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