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Symyx Technologies

Symyx Technologies, Inc.
HeadquartersSanta Clara, CA USA
Key peopleIsy Goldwasser, CEO
Steven D. Goldby, Executive Chairman
Rex S. Jackson, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
W. Henry Weinberg Ph.D., Executive Vice President and CTO
Richard Boehner, Executive Vice President, Chemicals and Energy
IndustryLife Sciences; Chemical and Energy and Performance; Materials and Consumer Products
ProductsElectronic lab notebook and R&D execution and analysis software, lab automation and breakthrough materials technology

Symyx Technologies NASDAQ: SMMX is a pioneer in the area of combinatorial chemistry applied to heterogeneous catalysis and homogeneous catalysis, polymer formulations, electronic and magnetic materials.

Symyx offers high-speed combinatorial technologies for the discovery of new materials. Using proprietary technologies - including instruments, software and methods - enabled Symyx to generate hundreds to thousands of unique materials at a time and screen those materials rapidly and automatically for desired properties. This approach can deliver results hundreds to thousands of times faster than traditional research methods, at a fraction of the cost.[1]

Symyx is applying this technology to revolutionize materials discovery in the life sciences, chemical, and electronics industries. Founded in 1994 by Dr. Alejandro Zaffaroni and Dr. Peter Schultz, Symyx' conceptual basis draws from Affymax, Inc. and Affymetrix, Inc., which commercialized the use of high-speed combinatorial methods for pharmaceutical and genetic research, respectively.[2] Symyx screens about a million materials a year and has produced a product pipeline with several materials that have the potential to be commercialized in the next few years. Examples of their discovery efforts include X-ray storage phosphors for radiography, polymers to speed DNA research and catalysts for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics.


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