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IUPAC name Tetrabutylammonium Phosphorus(V) tris(tetrachlorocatecholate)PHAT
Other names Bu3NH+ PHAT-
CAS number 301687-57-0
Molecular formula [C16H36N][C18Cl12O6P]
Molar mass 1011.06
Appearance colourless solid
Solubility in water CH2Cl2
Except where noted otherwise, data are given for
materials in their standard state
(at 25 °C, 100 kPa)

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Tributylammonium TRISPHAT is the an organic salt with the formula [(C4H9)3NH]+[P(O2C6Cl4)3-]. The anion features phosphorus(V) bonded to three tetrachlorocatecholate (C6Cl4O22-) ligands. This anion can be resolved into the enantiomers, which are optically stable (the picture shows the Δ enantiomer).

The TRISPHAT anion has been used as a “chiral shift reagent” for cations. It improves the resolution of 1H NMR spectra by forming diastereomeric ion pairs.


The anion is prepared by treatment of phosphorus pentachloride with tetrachlorocatechol followed by a tertiary amine gives the anion:

PCl5 + 3 C6Cl4(OH)2 → H[P(O2C6Cl4)3] + 5 HCl

H[P(O2C6Cl4)3] + Bu3N Bu3NH+ [P(O2C6Cl4)3]- Using a chiral amine, the anion can be readily resolved.[1]


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