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Table of volume of distribution for drugs

This is a table of volume of distribution (Vd) for various medication. For comparison, those with a Vd/kg body weight of less than 0.2 are mainly distributed in blood plasma, 0.2-0.7 mostly in the extracellular fluid and those with more than 0.7 are distributed throughout total body water.

Medication Vd / kg body weight
heparin 0.05-0.1[1]
insulin 0.05-0.1[1]
warfarin 0.1-0.2[1]
sulfamethoxazole 0.1-0.2[1]
glibenclamide 0.1-0.2[1]
atenolol 0.1-0.2[1]
tubocurarine 0.2-0.4[1]
theophylline 0.4-0.7[1]
ethanol 0.7-0.9[1]
neostigmine 0.7-0.9[1]
phenytoin 0.7-0.9[1]
methotrexate 1-2[1]
indometacin 1-2[1]
paracetamol 1-2[1]
diazepam 1-2[1]
lidocaine 1-2[1]
glyceryl nitrate 2-5[1]
morphine 2-5[1]
propranolol 2-5[1]
digoxin 2-5[1]
chlorpromazine 2-5[1]
nortriptyline 2-5[1]
chloroquine 200[2]
NXY-059 0.1-0.2[2]

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