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Trimethylsilanol (TMS), also trimethylhydroxysilane, is an organosilicon chemical compound with the formula (CH3)3SiOH, or C3H10OSi. It is an organic derivate of silane substituted with three methyls and one hydroxyl group. It is a volatile organic liquid with boiling point between 98.6-99 °C. [1066-40-6]

TMS is used to apply hydrophobic coating on silicate surfaces. It reacts with the silicone atoms of the substrate, coating the surface with a layer of methyl groups. A commercial example is Magic Sand.

TMS is a common contaminant in spacecraft atmospheres, where it is present due to outgassing of silicone-based materials. [1] It is a potential end group hydrolysis product of polydimethylsiloxane chains.

TMS, together with other silanols, is also being investigated as an antimicrobial agent. [2]

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