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Verenium Corporation


Verenium Corporation, former Diversa, is a San Diego, California-based biotechnology company that specialized in metagenomics and the development of high performance specialty enzymes for applications in biofuels and other industrial applications. According to the Economist article listed in the "References" section, Diversa prospects in hot springs, ocean beds, soda lakes, and on the Arctic tundra for genes potentially useful in industry.

In February 2007, Diversa announced a merger with Celunol, a leading corporation in the emerging cellulosic ethanol industry. Celunol has received substantial backing from venture capitalist Vinod Khosla. The buyout was financed by approximately 15 million of Diversa stock plus up to $20 million in debt financing to fund Celunol operations; Vinod Khosla will become one of the joint corporations largest single shareholders.[1]

After Diversa's merger with Celunol the new company is now called, Verenium Corporation. The name Diversa is no longer used.

People at Diversa

  1. Edward T. Shonsey (CEO, as of October 6, 2005)

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  1. ^ "Sea of Dreams: Genetically Modified Microbes will lead to a Revolution in Industrial Biotechnology", an article on page eighty-one of the 1 May 2004 issue of The Economist
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