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Walk the World

Fight Hunger: Walk the World’s primary goal is to end child hunger by 2015 by holding an annual worldwide demonstration across the globe.[1] Once a year hundreds of thousands of people in every time zone will take to the streets to call for an end to the needless suffering of hungry children.

On this global day of action, Walk the World will raise awareness about the 400 million hungry children around the world. The call will urge policy-makers and governments, in both rich and poor countries, to allocate more funds and resources on feeding children. These people have the power to improve the lives of children all around the globe.[2]

Hosted by the World Food Programme and partners, Walk the World also aims to raise funds to finance projects that assist hungry children. Donations are generated through local companies or individual contribution.

Walk the World’s efforts are linked closely to the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). If the goal of ending child hunger by 2015 is achieved, the first MDG would have been effectively achieved: that of halving the number of all hungry people by 2015.[3]

In 2006 over 760,000 people in 118 countries and 420 locations walked. This year, Walk the World is on May 13th with up to 380 walks around the globe participating.[4]

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