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XStream Systems

XStream Systems, Incorporated
Key peopleThomas Cook CEO
Brian Mayo, President
Alan Clock, Senior VP Sales
Paul J. Micciche, VP Engineering
Roger T. Sobkowiak, COO
Roger Goldbaum, CFO
ProductsEDXRD Equipment
SloganPrecise Detection for an Uncertain World

XStream Systems Inc is a US-based company which develops x-ray based identification equipment for research and pharmaceutical industry applications[1]. The company is named after the stream of photons emitted from an x-ray source. XStream Systems' logo is derived from both a graphic representation of the letter "x" and multiple hurricanes hitting their eastern seaboard headquarters in 2004. The current corporate headquarters are located in Sebastian, Florida, with a Washington, DC area office in Ashburn, Virginia.

Company History

This company was incorporated in May, 2004. The technology used in XStream Systems' products was first developed at Rutgers University[2].

Areas of expertise

Products are based on Energy Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction (EDXRD)[3], a technology also used in synchrotrons. Following Bragg's Law, XStream Systems' equipment detects and verifies molecular crystal structure[4] of materials.


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