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Zyvex Corporation
HeadquartersRichardson, Texas, U.S.
Key peopleJames R. Von Ehr II, Founder, Chairman and CEO
Timothy M. (Tim) Gilmore, VP of Operations and CFO
John Randall, CTO
IndustryScientific and technical instruments and nanomaterials
Revenue$10.0 million (2005)
Employees65 (2005)

Zyvex is an early stage (as of 2005) nanotechnology company located in Richardson, Texas. It was founded by James R. Von Ehr II in 1997 as the first molecular-nanotechnology company.

Zyvex is currently (as of 2005) targeting specific applications in the aerospace, defense, electronics, telecommunications and medical industries. The short- to intermediate-term goal is to exploit the major improvements--often 10 to 1,000 times better than existing technology--offered by today's early-stage nanotechnology developments. The long-term goal has previously been stated to be to create a full-fledged general assembler.

In 2001, NIST awarded Zyvex a $25 million research program to accelerate the production and commercialization of low-cost assemblers for micro- and nanoscale components and subsystems. Zyvex claims to be one of the few nanotechnology businesses that generate revenue (as of 2005).


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