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Microwave Digestion at Its Best

Multiwave 7000 digests every sample in disposable, Quartz or PTFE-TFM vials with plug-on caps

Over 35 years ago, Anton Paar developed the first digestion system with a nitrogen pressurized digestion chamber and pressure-sealed vessels – the HPA. Combining the HPA design with modern microwave digestion technology, the Multiwave 7000 represents the best way of acid digestion. Complete acid ...


State-of-the-art sample preparation for analytical laboratories. Safe, quick and efficient

Multiwave PRO, the master of sample preparation, and Multiwave GO, easy and economic digestion.

Based on its longstanding experience in the field of microwave technology, Anton Paar has developed two microwave reaction systems for sample preparation: Multiwave PRO and Multiwave GO. Multiwave PRO, the master of sample preparation Multiwave PRO is a high-end, high-performance platform with a ...


Fast Density Measurement of Challenging Samples - Even by Inexperienced Users

Unmatched robustness and ease-of-use for your production area or QC laboratory

The compact, stand-alone DMA 501 and 1001 density meters are ideal for use in the tightest of spaces in production environments, storage facilities or laboratories, and enable fast on-site quality control (QC). Even for samples with difficult characteristics, the patented measuring technique ...


The user-friendliest microwave for digestion: Next-level convenience and ease of use

Don't waste your time for sample preparation with assembling the digestion vessels

The microwave digestion device Multiwave 5000 for sample preparation will revolutionize your everyday laboratory work. Vessels for digestion out of six, seven or more individual parts? Not with us! Thanks to the simple three-part structure, you can easily close and open the vessels without tools. ...


A Portable Density Meter for On-Site Digital Measurements to Make Life Easier

No need to take your sample to the lab or read results from a glass hydrometer

Whenever you want to measure the density and concentration of liquids from containers or tanks in the field, there are three options. Transport the samples back to the laboratory? Take analog measurements on site with a glass spindle and a thermometer and write down all the values manually? Or do ...


Modular Density Meters for QC: Measure up to 8 Parameters at the Push of a Button

Space-saving systems for high-end density measurements and up to six-digit results

Anton Paar's DMA M density meters give you six-digit accuracy, the highest precision on the market, and unprecedented modularity. Expand your density meter to how you need it with modules for viscosity, optical rotation or refractive index, turbidity, pH or sound velocity, CO2, O2, color or ...


Tinker less, digest more: User-friendly microwave digestion

No time lost on digestion vessel assemblies during sample preparation

The microwave digestion system Multiwave 5000 for sample preparation revolutionizes your daily lab routines. Digestion vessel assemblies of six, seven or more individual parts? A thing of the past. Thanks to the simple three-part design, you can easily close and open the vessels without any ...


Particle Analysis at the Touch of a Button

Analysis of Nano- and Submicroparticles in Dispersions and Solutions with the Litesizer 500

Anton Paar now introduces particle characterization via light-scattering technology, realized in a system with ingeniously simple software. You can count on state-of-the-art particle analysis at the touch of a button. The Litesizer™ 500 is a high-performance light-scattering instrument with ...


Taking Density Measurement to the Next Level

Five decades innovating. Five decades refining

Our entire know-how about U-tube technology (patented Pulsed Excitation Method) and the application knowledge of our specialists are incorporated in our newest generation of digital density meters. Our Next Level Density Meters are the fastest and smartest laboratory instruments we've ever ...


Modular Circular Polarimeter: MCP 5100 / 5300 / 5500

Polarimetry without limits

The MCP polarimeter series combines state-of-the-art technology, modern design, and high usability. Customer-specific configurations, like multiple wavelengths, provide the widest range of options to keep the polarimeter fit for the future. MCP 5100/5300/5500 is the perfect solution for measuring ...


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