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Non-contact color measurement of large, irregularly shaped samples of all kinds within seconds

Reproducible and automated measurement of transmission color the way your eye sees it

HunterLab's new Aeros® is a spectrophotometer for non-contact spectral color measurement of large, irregularly shaped samples of all kinds. In a matter of seconds it reproduces human color perception according to the CIE standard valence system in an absolutely reliable, safe and reproducible ...


Determine transmission color and haze simultaneously in next to no time

New spectrophotometer for measuring transparent and translucent liquids and solids

HunterLab’s new Vista spectrophotometer is a multi-function instrument that reduces the time needed to measure color and haze to less than 5 seconds...


Color Measurement for High Quality Products

Consistent Color with portable, bench-top and online instruments

HunterLab instruments measure the full range of human color perception. Used in production and in the laboratory for inspecting raw materials, evaluating finished product or developing methods for color analysis. A host of measurement features and specialized sample-handling devices make them ...


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