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Gerstel GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

For more than 40 years, GERSTEL has provided customer focused analytical solutions for GC, GC/MS, LC and LC/MS to leading companies world-wide. Our systems and our technologies perform automated sample preparation, analyte concentration and sample introduction, improving performance and productivity more

CEM GmbH, Germany

CEM is the leading provider of microwave solutions for the laboratory, industrial and scientific marketplace. Since creating this market 20 years ago, we have sold almost 20,000 systems. Despite this obvious success, we believe microwave chemistry is still an emerging technology and presents tremend more

Anton Paar GmbH, Austria

Anton Paar develops, produces and distributes highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems, and provides custom-tailored automation and robotic solutions. It is the world leader in the measurement of density, concentration and CO2 and in the field of rheometry. Anton Paar’s more

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Touchscreen Evaporator Makes Solvent Removal Effortless

The all new Series 3 HT evaporator range from Genevac represents the ultimate in solvent removal technology more

BUCHI Launches First Lab Freeze Dryer for Continuous Sublimation

Both platforms, L-300 and L-200, are individually configurable and adaptable to changing requirements at any time more

Multi User Evaporator System for University Labs

Designed to concentrate or completely dry samples the EZ-2 from Genevac is the evaporator of choice for hundreds of academic groups in chemistry, pharmacology, biology, natural product and environmental science departments worldwide more

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New VACUUBRAND Catalog 2016/2017

Based on more than 50 years of experience in development and production, VACUUBRAND offers the most comprehensive range of vacuum solutions for more

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  • Dirty to drinkable

    Graphene oxide has been hailed as a veritable wonder material; when incorporated into nanocellulose foam, the lab-created substance is light, strong and flexible, conducting heat and electricity quickly and efficiently. Now, a team of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis has found a way t more

  • How do hydrogen droplets behave when hydrogen-oxygen aerosol mixtures burn?

    Modern rockets and their launch vehicles commonly rely on hydrogen-oxygen mixtures as propellant, but this combination is highly explosive. The Challenger space shuttle catastrophe of 1986 is associated with self-ignition of such mixtures. Risks of explosion are mitigated by the evaporation and burn more

  • Understanding tiny droplets can make for better weather forecasts

    When you see how difficult it is to get even next week's weather forecast right, you can imagine the challenges researchers are faced with when it comes to predicting the weather decades from now. Climatologists need good models to predict climate change over time, but to predict how the Earth's cli more

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Multi User Evaporator System for University Labs

Designed to concentrate or completely dry samples the EZ-2 from Genevac is the evaporator of choice for hundreds of academic groups in chemistry, pharmacology, biology, natural product and environmental science departments worldwide. Benefiting from a suite of pre-programmed methods the EZ-2 evapor more

A New Rotary Evaporator for Unattended Distillation

BÜCHI Labortechnik’s new rotary evaporator Rotavapor® R-300 simplifies evaporation in the laboratory: even demanding samples can be distilled unattended while programmable SOPs automatically lead through the process. If manual intervention is required, a notification is sent to the user’s smartphone more

State-of-the-art sample preparation for analytical laboratories. Safe, quick and efficient

Based on its longstanding experience in the field of microwave technology, Anton Paar has developed two microwave reaction systems for sample preparation: Multiwave PRO and Multiwave GO. Multiwave PRO, the master of sample preparation Multiwave PRO is a high-end, high-performance platform with a we more

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The Chemistry of Rum

For the latest in the alcohol chemistry series, we’re looking at a pirate’s favourite spirit: rum. It’s actually hard to describe what constitutes a rum, because there’s not really a fixed definition; different countries have different standards that rums have to meet. Still, despite the differences more

Publications Evaporation

  • An experimental and theoretical study of adenine adsorption on Au(111)

    A model study of adenine adsorption on the Au(111) surface is reported for molecular adlayers prepared by evaporation in vacuum and deposition from saturated aqueous solution. The electronic structure and adsorption geometry of the molecular films were studied experimentally by X-ray photoelectron s more

  • Crystal structures of uranyl complexes with isobutyrate and isovalerate anions

    Single crystals of Na[(UO2)(i-C3H7COO)3]·0.7H2O (I), Cs[(UO2)(i-C3H7COO)3] (II) and (NH4)[(UO2)(i-C4H9COO)3] (III) were obtained via isothermal evaporation and their structures were solved using X-ray diffraction techniques. Even though the ligands are branched, bulky and spatial, many carbon and hy more

  • Confined phase separation of aqueous–organic nanodroplets

    Nano-confined supercooled water occurs frequently in aqueous–organic aerosol nanodroplets that are ubiquitous in the atmosphere and in many industrial processes such as natural gas refining. The structure of these nanodroplets is important because it influences droplet growth and evaporation rates, more

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Market studies Evaporation

  • Production & Market of Dimethyl Formamide in China

    Dimethyl formamide, as a solvent with low evaporation rate, is comprehensively used in the production of chemical fiber, plastics, and pharmaceuticals, etc. In the 1990s, with the fast development of DMF’s downstream industries, polyurethane industry and acrylon industry, DMF production in China bec more



Evaporation Evaporation is the process by which molecules in a liquid state (e.g. water) spontaneously become gaseous (e.g. water vapor). It is the opposite of condensation . Generally, evaporation can be seen by the gradual disappearance of ... more


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