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XPR Essential by Mettler-Toledo

XPR Essential Laboratory Balances – Highly accurate results with just the features you need

Reliable Performance for the Years to Come

Accurate Results and Low Minimum Weight ✓ Built to Last ✓ Ergonomic Weighing ✓...

analytica analytical balances laboratory balances +2
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MX-scales, MR-scales, MA-scales, LA-scales by Mettler-Toledo

New generation of laboratory balances for a wide range of applications

Excellent performance, durable instruments and simple operation

Intelligent, integrated functions and intuitive operation make your daily work easier ✓ Accurate, reliable results you can trust and improved GxP compliance ✓ High-quality and sustainable materials guarantee long-lasting performance ✓...

analytica analytical balances laboratory balances +7
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ReactRaman™ 802L by Mettler-Toledo

ReactRaman in-situ-Measurement of Reaction and Process Trends in Real Time

Raman - Specific Information on Kinetics, Polymorphic Transitions and Critical Process Parameters

Safe Working with Laser - 5 integrated Interlocks ✓ Small Footprint - with High Performance ✓ Easy to Use - for Every User ✓...

crystallization monitoring kinetics measurements Raman spectrometers +4
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SmartCheck by Mettler-Toledo

Check Pipette Dosing Accuracy - Lightning Fast in Under a Minute

Detect dosing errors before it gets expensive

SmartCheck - the result in less than 60 seconds...

laboratory equipment laboratory instruments pipette calibration +4
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Excellence Titrator mit Probenwechsler und Ofen by Mettler-Toledo

Determine water content from 0 to 100% - easier than ever!

Suitable for your requirements

Titrate up to 303 samples per analysis in continuous operation mode ✓ Improved efficiency thanks to powerful automation and one-click titration ✓ Thanks to the modular design concept, it can be optimally adapted to your new requirements ✓...

acid concentration determination battery analysis content determination +13
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Pipette X Asset Management by Mettler-Toledo

Get pipetting results you can trust

With a powerful pipette tracking, calibration and risk management system

Always the right pipette with a GPP recommendation ✓ Instant check of pipettes of all brands ✓ Ensuring data integrity...

pipette accessories pipette controllers pipette management +2
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EasyPlus refractometers (Easy R40, Easy Brix and Easy Bev) by Mettler-Toledo

Simple, Rugged And Trustworthy Refractometers

Fast measurements with automatic temperature control for daily routine analysis

The simple and affordable EasyPlus refractometers can measure almost any liquid sample and also work in rough environments....

alcohol measurement beverage analysis brix measurement +4
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EasyPlus density meters (Easy D30 and Easy D40) by Mettler-Toledo

Simple, rugged and trustworthy density meters

Fast measurements with automatic temperature control for daily routine analysis

The simple and affordable EasyPlus density meters can measure almost any liquid sample and also work in rough environments....

alcohol content measurement alcohol measurement brix measurement +4
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KF Titration + Probenwechsler by Mettler-Toledo

Oven Autosampler for Karl Fischer Titrators

Put Your Lab InMotion

One Click™ Water Analysis: One Click user interface for direct access to routine tasks ✓ Save Precious Time: Temperature Scan determines the optimum heating temperature of a sample ✓ Double Lab Efficiency: It is possible to connect two InMotion KFs at a time to the T7 or T9...

autosamplers Karl Fischer titration titration +3
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STARe by Mettler-Toledo

STARe Software - The standard in thermal analysis

Intuitive operation, precise results and traceable workflows

Data integrity with authorized user access for compliance throughout the data lifecycle ✓ Traceability of all work processes and data according to FDA compliant guidelines ✓ Work efficiency and data security through location-independent working with server solutions ✓...

evaluation software glass transitions material characterization +3
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