200 °C in 15 min, and cooled down again even faster – that’s state-of-the-art microwave digestion

The Top 3 Advantages

Powerful: 1600 W let you prepare even the most difficult samples in next to no time


Spacious: 70 L cavity volume for high throughput and flexible loading


Safe: Automatic door mechanism prevents overpressure and accidental opening

Prepare samples for elemental analysis quickly and safely

The ETHOS microwave system is your reliable partner in the lab for digestion, fat extraction, drying, hydrolysis and evaporation reactions, day in, day out. A rotating diffuser ensures an even distribution of microwaves throughout the cavity. Prepare up to 44 samples quickly and efficiently with the ETHOS.lab, also known as ETHOS.up. It makes demanding samples easy to digest, thanks to the dual magnetron technology with its up to 1600 watts. Temperature and pressure sensors continuously monitor the digestion while you keep everything in view, not just through the viewing window. The patented ‘vent-and-reseal’ technology protects your samples from dangerous overpressure and lets you perform your digestions stress-free, without losing any sample.

ETHOS.start is the little brother of ETHOS.lab, a cost-effective entry-level microwave digestion system. It has a lower sample throughput and, just like its big brother, lets you control temperature and pressure.

Trust in MLS's 25 years of experience in manufacturing microwave systems.

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