Customised Microwave Systems for Sample Preparation

The All-Rounder for Demanding Digestions

Throughout the process of an analytical investigation, sample preparation - as opposed to the subsequent analytical steps - is the most time-consuming part. Excellent quality and extreme care during the process are essential for a functional analysis.

The combination of high performance and carefully conceived sensor technology allows Speedwave Xpert to handle reactions safely, especially difficult digestions, under increased temperatures and pressures.

The use of two magnetrons with a total power of 2000 W significantly increases performance, enabling digestion of difficult sample materials.

Original Berghof top-loading design
Speedwave Xpert with its robust swivel cover allows rotors to be loaded individually in the oven chamber. No tedious insertion and positioning of the rotor, vessel and sensors is required.

Patented sensor technology for complete reaction control
During digestion at high pressures and temperatures especially, the monitoring of all reaction parameters is essential. Speedwave Xpert measures sample temperatures as standard in all of the individual digestion vessels in real time using optical measuring techniques. In addition to the contact-free measurement of the internal vessel temperature, for which the use of reference vessels is not required, the external temperature of the vessels is also monitored in order to ensure a long service life for the digestion containers. Pressure measurement is also guaranteed in all digestion vessels thanks to optical measuring methods.
The output of the magnetron is continuously adapted based on the temperature and pressure information. The risk of spontaneous reactions is reduced to a minimum and user safety is significantly increased.

Minimised operating noise level
The Speedwave Xpert fans are controlled dynamically as a function of the magnetron temperature. As a result, the volume during digestion is significantly reduced compared to other similar models.

State-of-the-art microwave operation
Speedwave Xpert has a clearly structured external control unit that features intuitive operation. The large, high-resolution touchscreen display makes visualisation easier. Users are guided through the menu and can start the digestion process after just a few inputs. The device can also be controlled using mobile terminals. Monitoring, data transfer and documentation are therefore incredibly simple. The extensive application database assists you in selecting the right digestion programme.

Easy-to-handle digestion vessels for time-saving sample preparation
All digestion containers are made entirely from TFM™ PTFE and are made up of just three individual components. The vessels are opened and closed without any additional tools. The large internal diameter makes cleaning exceptionally simple. Various vessel capacities are available for all kinds of applications.

High digestion container quality is guaranteed
At Berghof, digestion vessels are not regarded as consumables, but instead are part of the device guarantee. In combination with the long service life of 3-5 years, the operating costs for users are transparent. This represents significantly tangible added value for sustainable and cost-effective laboratory management.

Speedwave Entry Microwave Digestion System

Space-saving digestion system for routine tasks in which high numbers of specimens must be handled in a reproducible and cost-effective way over a short period of time.

  • Examples of use: Agriculture, feedstock and produce, environmental samples, medicine
  • Compact steel oven with low space requirements and anti-corrosion coating
  • QuickStart - only requires two key presses to start
  • Multi-language operating software and extensive applications
  • Get a glimpse behind the scenes thanks to the illuminated viewing window
  • Safe control of reactions and microwaves through patented, contact-free temperature measurement, which determines the temperature of the samples directly
  • An external venting unit ensures 20% faster cooling and therefore a higher sample throughput
  • Modern inverted microwave technology

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