Everything under Control - with This Intelligent Microwave Digestion System

High Sample Throughput with Just One Click

The microwave digestion system MARS 6 iWave was developed to make microwave digestion and microwave sample preparation virtually effortless.

Advances in ICP and ICP-MS systems demand a microwave digestion system capable of providing fast, complete digestions for lower detection limits in a high-throughput environment. The need to balance shrinking budgets with higher productivity demands a cost-effective, robust platform that can be easily upgraded. Changing laboratory dynamics demand a system with built-in training capabilities. MARS 6 iWave provides all of this in the most easy-to-use microwave digestion system ever developed.

At the heart of the MARS 6 iWaveis CEM’s new One Touch™ Technology, an unparalleled combination of more than 30 years of microwave chemistry expertise with the most advanced software, sensor, and touchscreen technologies. It’s like having a CEM chemist built into the system. Simply choose a One Touch method and the MARS 6 iWave does the rest, automatically recognizing the vessel type, counting the vessels, and determining all of the parameters necessary for a fast, complete reaction.

  • Choose from simple CEM One Touch Technology or MARS Classic method programming
  • Two magnetrons (1800W) – more power delivery than any other microwave digestion system
  • PowerMAX™ power control technology delivers maximum energy to the sample for more complete digestions
  • Large wide-format, high-resolution, acid-resistant touchscreen – no external controllers needed
  • Remarkably easy-to-use, intuitive onboard software
  • Advanced sensor technology for vessel recognition, temperature and pressure control

PowerMAX Automatic Power Control
Consistent results every time. Traditional microwave systems introduce an excessive amount of power to the sample, causing fluctuations in temperature that result in the magnetron shutting down for significant amounts of time. This frequently results in incomplete digestions. The MARS 6 iWave uses CEM’s PowerMAX Technology to automatically maximize the amount of microwave energy to the reaction for a complete digest regardless of the number of vessels and sample size. PowerMAX dynamically adjusts the power throughout the run, providing the control necessary for complete digests, while preventing exothermic reactions.

DuoTemp & MARSXpress DuoTemp – All Vessel Temperature Control
CEM’s patented DuoTemp technology provides the ultimate control by automatically choosing the “Control Vessel” based upon reaction conditions. The control vessel will dynamically change during the run to always control the temperature based on the most reactive vessel, providing reproducible, safe digests every time without excessive venting or exothermic reactions. DuoTemp’s combination of fiber optic and IR temperature sensors with the innovative built-in software controls of the MARS 6 iWave creates a temperature control option that is unmatched.

The MARS 6 iWave can be controlled using the onboard touchscreen interface or an external computer with SynergyPrep software. Easily program your system, manage settings, set up Administrator and User login privileges, check and calibrate temperature and pressure sensors, and more using the intuitive interface. MARS 6 also makes data management easier.

Simple Method Programming
The microwave digestion system MARS 6 iWave gives you the flexibility to select the method programming style which best suits your needs. With over 70 to choose from, One Touch methods take the guess work out of sample preparation by automatically determining the digestion parameters and performing the digestion. If you need to set your own method parameters, you can choose a Classic Method and quickly develop a program that contains your unique method parameters.

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