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Industrial multi-gas/range mass flow controller with IP66 Rating for gas flow rates up to 1000 slm

Mass Flow Controller designed for industrial mass flow control applications in harsh environments where water and dust may be present and must be protected against more

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  • Filter may be a match for fracking water

    A new filter produced by Rice University scientists has proven able to remove more than 90 percent of hydrocarbons, bacteria and particulates from contaminated water produced by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations at shale oil and gas wells. The work by Rice chemist Andrew Barron and his coll more

  • Experiment documents multiscale fluid dynamics

    University of Chicago physicists working in the nascent field of experimental vortex dynamics have, with unexpected help from a Sharpie marker, achieved the first measurements of an elusive but fundamental property of fluid flow. Until now, there had been no way in the laboratory to measure the tota more

  • How nanoparticles affect flow through porous stuff in surprising ways

    Those who have mixed oil and vinegar may have unknowingly observed a strange fluid phenomenon called fingering instability. A type of this phenomenon, called viscous fingering (VF), occurs in porous media where fluids of differing viscosity converge in finger-shaped patterns as a result of growing d more

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  • Sensible and self-monitoring

    For the generation of soft water are mostly used ion exchanging devices with generation of sodium chloride since the beginning of the Sixties. The generated soft water quality and soft water quantity are depending thereby on the static and dynamic ch more

  • Absolute Molar Mass Characterisation

    Multi-angle light scattering coupled to SEC or other fractionation methods can provide an absolute means for measuring the molar mass, size and distribution of proteins, polymers and particles of all sorts. Wyatt Technology's MALS also enables the el more

  • 35 years' experience in "black gold"

    There is a paradoxical consequence of the financial crisis: To produce bitumen is more attractive than ever. In the last six months prices for crude oil and, in particular, the consumption of heavy, sulfur-containing marine Diesel fuel (bunker oils) more

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  • World Outlook of Chlorpyrifos 2011-2015

    First developed by Dow Chemical Company in 1965, chlorpyrifos has been widely applied in over 100 countries across the world. Till now, chlorpyrifos has become the largest organophosphorus insecticide worldwide in both volume and value. In last decade, chlorpyrifos industry has been witnessing hu more

  • Poland Petrochemicals Report Q2 2011

    The Polish petrochemicals industry is undergoing a period of increased restructuring, M&A and divestment activity as producers seek to bolster margins in a difficult operating environment, invariably hiving off non-core assets, according to BMI’s latest Poland Petrochemicals Report. South Korea’s SK more

  • Victrex plc (VCT) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Victrex plc (Victrex) is a UK based chemical company. Victrex is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of polyketones, a kind of specialty chemicals. Victrex operates across the globe. The company's product range includes several different types of polyaryletherketones, along with a wide range of b more

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Choked flow

Choked flow Choked flow of a fluid is a fluid dynamic condition caused by the Venturi effect . When a flowing fluid at a certain pressure and temperature flows through a restriction (such as the hole in an orifice plate or a valve in a pipe ... more


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