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Wacker Chemie AG, Germany

WACKER is a globally operating chemical company headquartered in Munich, Germany. Its portfolio focuses on silicone chemistry, polymer chemistry, fine chemicals and biotech products, polysilicon, wafers and hyperpure silicon monocrystals. In line with these core areas of expertise, WACKER has specia more

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Goodbye, Bitter Pills: Masking the Taste of Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Food Additives

Dietary supplements for athletes and balanced additives for all age groups must, above all, possess one property – they have to taste good more

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Improve your understanding of the effect of polysaccharide molecular weight & structure on final product performance

From simple food additives to complex material used in high-tech eye surgery and targeted drug delivery systems, polysaccharides have earned unparalleled attention when it comes to macromolecular characterization. With more emphasis on product performance, versatility and stability; detailed charact

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List of food additives This is an alphabetical list of food additive s. For related lists, see also: List of food additives, Codex Alimentarius and E number . :This article is incomplete. Please help by expanding it. List of food additive ... more


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