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Gold coating to control luminescence of nanowires


Physicists at the University of Cincinnati are working to harness the power of nanowires, microscopic wires that have the potential to improve solar cells or revolutionize fiber optics. Nanotechnology has the potential to solve the bottleneck that occurs in storing or retrieving digital data - or ...


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Perovskite edges can be tuned for optoelectronic performance


In the eternal search for next generation high-efficiency solar cells and LEDs, scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory and their partners are creating innovative 2D layered hybrid perovskites that allow greater freedom in designing and fabricating efficient optoelectronic devices. ...


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Surprising spin behavior at room temperature


The field of spintronics focuses on spin transport behavior in magnetic metals, and the major findings in this area have important implications for the field of electronics. This is because conventional electronics primarily considers the electron charge, whereas spintronics allows the electron ...


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1,000 times more efficient nano-LED opens door to faster microchips


The electronic data connections within and between microchips are increasingly becoming a bottleneck in the exponential growth of data traffic worldwide. Optical connections are the obvious successors but optical data transmission requires an adequate nanoscale light source, and this has been ...


Merck and CLEARink Displays sign development agreement

Aim to commercialize video-capable, color-reflective displays


Merck announced that it has signed a comprehensive materials development agreement with CLEARink Displays, Inc., aiming to bring CLEARink’s innovative and patented reflective display technology to market by the end of 2017. Merck is a world leader in developing materials and formulations for the ...


Discovery of new crystal structure holds promise for optoelectronic devices


A Florida State University research team has discovered a new crystal structure of organic-inorganic hybrid materials that could open the door to new applications for optoelectronic devices like light-emitting diodes and lasers. Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Biwu Ma ...


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Trace metal recombination centers kill LED efficiency


Using cutting-edge first-principles calculations, researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) have demonstrated the mechanism by which transition metal impurities - iron in particular - can act as nonradiative recombination centers in nitride semiconductors. The work ...


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A new form of light

Scientists have discovered a method to create fluorescent light that may have promising applications


Glow-in-the-dark stickers, weird deep-sea fish, LED lightbulbs -- all have forms of luminescence. In other words, instead of just reflecting light, they make their own. Now a team of scientists from the University of Vermont and Dartmouth College have discovered a new way that some molecules can ...


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Demonstration of large-scale technique to produce quantum dots


A method to produce significant amounts of semiconducting nanoparticles for light-emitting displays, sensors, solar panels and biomedical applications has gained momentum with a demonstration by researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. While zinc sulfide ...


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Exploring the limits for high-performance LEDs and solar cells


Hybrid optoelectronic devices based on blends of hard and soft semiconductors can combine the properties of the two material types, opening the possibility for devices with novel functionality and properties, such as cheap and scalable solution-based processing methods. However, the efficiency of ...


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