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Covestro AG, Germany

Since September 2015, Bayer MaterialScience has been an independent company, operating under the new name Covestro. We continue to be a leading supplier of high-value polymers and innovative solutions for key sectors such as transportation, construction, electronics, furniture, sports equipment and more

Thermo-Clean Thüringen GmbH, Germany

Our services are : thermal cleaning of heat exchangers, extruders, cylinders, filters, granulation housing, injector plates, filters, tank, pumps, container, pipes, blow moulding technology, tools, u.v.a. more

nanopool GmbH, Germany

nanopool® GmbH, located in Schwalbach-Hülzweiler (Germany), is an innovative family business. Since 2001, it belongs to the businesses which deal with nanotechnology in the surface refinement field. nanopool® has accomplished to develop a surface refinement for nearly every field of application. Th more

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  • From the scent of roses to nylon and plastics

    Beguiling scents, sober facts: scents emanating from plants are almost always monoterpenes and monoterpene alcohols, the essential oils of plants are natural hydrocarbon compounds. For instant, geraniol is the tempting fragrant alcohol of roses. Researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Marine Mic more

  • Indispensable Additives

    Fillers are more than just cheap filling materials: They can also improve characteristics, such as stability, weather-resistance, and electrical conductivity, of numerous products. Many plastics would not be of any use without fillers. For the fourth time now, Ceresana analyzed the whole market for more

  • Profitable End of Sanctions: Ceresana Analyzes the Petrochemical Industry of the Iran for the First Time

    In January 2016, the United Nations and the European Union abolished numerous sanctions against the Iran: A country with more than 75 million consumers returns to the global market now; business relations are normalizing step by step. All industries can profit thereof, especially the petrochemical i more

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Why Does Stepping On a Lego Hurt So Bad?

There are some things you wouldn't wish upon even your worst enemy. Stepping on Legos being no such exception. The mind bending pain of a bare foot pressing down on a Lego is one of the worst known to humanity, but how does something so innocent looking create such an intense feeling? We're talk ... more

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  • Argenplás 2016

    Argenplás is a must that every two years, national and international companies of the following items, choose to do business: - Machines and Equipment - Automation and Quality Control - Moulds and Tools - Raw Material and Chemical Products - Rubber - Plastics Transformers and Finished and Semi-Fini more

  • Sri Lanka Plast

    Visit SRI LANKA PLAST to meet plastics processors from several countries. Whether you are interested in sourcing, networking, learning more about plastics processing, or getting ideas for entrepreneurship, Sri Lanka Plast is the perfect platform for you. Block your calendar between August 05-07, 201 more


    10th Indonesian International Plastics Exhibition more

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  • Scientist (m/f) – Protein Engineering

    Scientist (m/f) – Protein Engineering to support our Group Biotechnology, located in Munich / Planegg, Germany Position duties: Technical expert for directed evolution of enzymes with focus on industrial biotechnology Foster the implementation of molecular engineering strategies for tailor more

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Boedeker Plastics

Boedeker Plastics Boedeker Plastics, Inc. is a plastic materials distributor & machine shop located in Shiner, Texas . General Information Boedeker Plastics consists of two distinct parts ... (1) a stocking wholesale distributor of plastic ... more


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