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Tritec-Chromatographic Refrigerators for ÄKta Systems (HPLC Systems)

tritec chromatographic refrigerator TC 601 / Volume 400 litres

tritec chromatographic refrigerator TC 602 / Volume 700 litres

tritec chromatographic refrigerator TC 603 + TC 604 / Volume 1000 + 1500 litres

tritec chromatographic refrigerator TC 605 / Volume 2300 litres

The tritec®-Chromatographic Refrigerators are characterized by a high standard and the prime temperature accuracy. The low maintenance cooling units are equipped in standard with a microprocessor controller "MADE IN GERMANY". This ensures a maximum operating range of -5 °C to 20 °C at a constant temperature, even with a heat emission agency by the HPLC system. 

Everything at a Glance with the Touchscreen Display

With the microprocessor-controlled temperature controller, you have a 100 % accurate overview and can adjust and check every setting on the comfortable and password-protected touchscreen display. The application is very user-friendly: At a glance, you can see and change the most important parameters, for example, a graphic display shows the behavior of the interior temperature. Numerous events such as temperature values, alarm messages, door openings or the refrigerator function are saved for about four weeks. These can also be viewed in the display and can also be read out directly from the controller via a USB stick or via a network connection and read into the appropriate software.

Alarm-Controlled Cooling Process Ensures Stability in Your Chromatographic Refrigerator

To keep you safe, the temperature control alarm will sound as soon as a component does not function as it should – for example, in case of over or under temperature, temperature sensor failure, defrosting timeout, the need for maintenance or an unlocked door. In the event of a power failure, a self-contained battery automatically switches in, so that all control functions and the monitoring unit remain in operation for approximately 72 hours.

Because of the use of an insulation thickness of about 75 mm and an LED interior lighting, the power consumption has been reduced by approximately 25 %, even without waiving to an efficient compressor. This guarantees a longer life of the machine, as well as excellent temperature accuracy. 

The tritec chromatographic refrigerators are available with a volume of 400 to 2300 liters. A large number of additional equipment options, such as individual column supports or special telescopic extensions for Äkta systems, allow individual design of the tritec chromatographic refrigerator.

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